Become a sponsor for one of our animals and help us to keep the rare Carpathian breeds alive.

We are offering the following sponsorship types:

Partly Sponsorship: for only 50 €/ a year you will support your foster animal (together with other sponsors)

Full Sponsorship: for only 180 €/ a year you exclusively support your personal foster animal

As Sponsor you will receive:

  • a certificate about your sponsorship
  • detailed information about your foster animal and our work every six months
  • a tax deductable donation receipt

Small Budget - Great Impact

As supporting member of our association you will support our work for biodiversity already with 25 € a year

Our animals:

Hucul Ponnys

Huculen Berg Ponnys,

da es noch immer keine ökonomische Verwendung für unsere zebrastreifigen Bergponnys in Saldobosch gibt, bitten wir um Unterstützung für unser Erhaltungs und Nachzuchtprojekt des extrem seltenen Huculenponnys.