Saving the Dwarf Cow of the Carpathian Mountains

Since July 2014 we are engaging in the rescue of the last remnants of the ancient "Mocanitsa" cow of the Carpathians.

This small cow, which had only about 1 meter of height, used to be the tough and loyal companion of the Carpathian people, before modern breeds began to displace it. It was able to live under harshest conditions, with a minimal amount of food and gave one of the highest quality milk you can imagine, while its small, sturdy bulls were used in front of carts or other working tools.

In Ukraine years of extensive breeding measurements by the Soviets have let almost certain to a disappearance of the Mocanitsa type cow. Only in Romania few individuals could still be discovered. But with the ongoing improvement of Romanian infrastructure, modern breeds, in form of artificial insemination, are advancing even into the back most corner of the Romanian mountains. What is left of the Mocanitsa now, is meant to be the last generation.

Together with Romanian and Hungarian partner organisations we are now trying to preserve what is left of this ancient breed of cow. If we do not start acting now, we will loose one more piece of diversity.

Mocanitsa Cow