Autumn in Saldobosch

Autumn has now fully arrived in the Carpathian Mountains. After a few freezing nights, the October turned out to be wonderfully mild, with sunny days and warm nights. The buffalos and horses are enjoying the autumn days out on the fields together with our shepherds and preparations for the winter have started. Hay and corn plants are being stored, wood is being gathered, and we might even soon get electricity, to long the short winter days in our house a little bit.

The buffalos are doing well, and the cows are giving a lot of milk, which we are selling to the locals or turning into cheese. The demand is constantly rising and there is not much left for ourselves anymore.

Our shepherd dog Emily got new company, after our neighbour Baba Kristina brought us a little puppy from the mountains, which is now roaming the farm. But our newest company is Valery, a Mangalitsa-Pig. After running free on our territory for a couple of days, he now moved to the other animals into the stable.

One of those is Pauliko, our breeding bull, who can not go out to the meadows anymore, after he had several serious fights with our bull Tschuptschik. Tschuptschik, the son of Jura and Horna, was quite lucky this year, since he was granted some nice time with two buffalo ladys from the village Viljatova this summer. Only once he decided to cross the border to Romania, but was stopped by friendly EU-custom officials, who were able to contact us, thanks to his ear-mark.

Less satisfying is the situation in Kritchovo. The last four buffalo-cows did not have a bull in their village this summer. Not one of the villagers was willing to take a bull into care, although we made even several costless offers. The keeping of full grown Carpathian-Buffalo bulls requires a lot of experience in handling big mammals.

But we have good news about the riding excursion we were able to start this autumn. Especially successful is the combination of walking and having a horse as a carrier. Trips to the close by Mentschul Mountain (1560m) and the poloninas, as well as tours through 9000 h of virgin beech forest have definitely been highlights, also for our breeding stallion Kastan, who is fathering already three generations of healthy fillies and colts on our farm.

These horses are the beginning of a new horse type that, like Kastan, who is a Huzul-stallion, shares a lot of traits with the extinct wild European horses, the so called Mountain Tarpan. We are now calling Kastans descendants “Hutan”. Especially their colourings show the characteristics that are described to be those of their, due to intensive hunting in the 17. century, extinct relatives.

The mild October weather is also enabling two of our friends from Saldobosch to live in the wild fruit orchards with Kastan and our mare Sheherazada for some time.

At the moment Linda is in the process of making most tasty paneer out of the 15 liters of buffalo milk from this morning, while Aki is washing our clothes in front of the stove and Michel is contemplating where to house our 850 kg heavy breeding bull Pauliko next year, so that Tschuptschik gets at least a slight chance to get together with our buffalo ladys.

So much for now,

all the best!

your Saldobosch team