Association for Saving Agro-Biodiversity in the Carpathian Mountains

The “Association for Saving Agro-Biodiversity in the Carpathian Mountains” is working with local and international supporters for the preservation of rare domestic species in the Carpathian Mountains. Together with the Ukrainian partner association “SATrans” ((Saving of Agro-Biodiversity in Transkarpatia) it is implementing local projects on the Arc & Rescue station in Steblivka, Transcarpathia and operating as a regional coordinator for the breeding and distribution of the last Carpathian buffaloes.

High priority has the preservation of the Carpathian buffalo as an independent breed and the establishment of a healthy population within Ukraine. Therefore, the association is keeping a nucleus herd of buffaloes at the Arc & Rescue station in Steblivka, as well as establishing a regional network of buffalo keepers and breeders and supporting those people financially, informational and with livestock. Furthermore, the association is holding and managing the herd book of Carpathian buffaloes in Ukraine and supervising the husbandry of Carpathian buffalo bulls and their usage for breeding.

Since 2009 the “Association for Saving Agrobiodiversity in the Carpathian Mountains” is breeding a primitive type of Hutsul horses, called Hutan. Aim of the breeding project is the maintenance of typical characteristics of the already extinct European wild horse “Tarpan”, which some Hutan horses are still showing.

Furthermore, a breeding project of Carpathian Wool pigs was successfully implemented on the Arc & Rescue Station. Together with regional partners and the Ukrainian Asociation SATrans, the genetic exchange with four breeding sows is being controlled. The number of pigs could already be raised to 30 individuals.

To support breeding activities the association is promoting and selling dairy products, as cheese and milk from buffalos. Excursions to visitors of the Arc & Rescue station, tourist activities, like horse riding in the Carpathian Mountains and work with volunteers and local people, are helping to spread and support the idea of agro-biodiversity and the preservation of old domestic breeds.